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Engaging Your Audience with Twitter Chats

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If you want to keep your Twitter community vibrant and tuned in, then you need a tactic to grow your following and boost online sales. And Twitter chats might be the answer.

You can either co-host an existing Twitter chat or start one of your own. Obviously tapping into an existing chat provides an existing audience, but you won’t have the branding of hosting your own, so it’s a trade-off. Hosting your own means having to build the audience over time, but it’s worth it to establish your brand as an authority in your niche.

Best scenario – do both.

Hot tip: Pick a hashtag related to the Twitter chat, and then ask your community to use this hashtag within their tweets. This is will help you with branding, makes the practice familiar to those who take part, and allows you to search the chat later for content and recaps.



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