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Note from Your Future Self

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Hey, it’s me.

I just wanted to tell you something important – something you need to know right now.

You’re at a crossroads right now, and I’ve seen where both paths go.

You’re doing this internet marketing thing, and you haven’t perfected it. In fact, you’ve been at it awhile and you’re thinking about giving it up.

But if you do, you’re not going to like what happens. You’re stuck in jobs you hate until you’re 65, at which point you retire with barely enough money to get by.

At 68, you have a medical crisis. Nothing major, but enough to eat up your savings.

At 70, you lose your house. Your social security and pension simply aren’t enough to get you through the month.

And I don’t even want to tell you what happens after that.

All because you gave up.

Yes, I know that these dead ends you’ve encountered are discouraging. I know you’ve laid out money and time and you’ve really tried, and you still haven’t seen the results. Yet.

But with each mistake you make, you’re learning. And soon – very soon – those mistakes are going to start to pay off.

If you keep going and stay focused, a year from now you’ll be making a nice little income. Nothing to brag about, but it’s a start.

Two years from now, you can quit that job you hate.

Five years from now, you can buy the house you always wanted.

Ten years from now, the house will be paid off, and your retirement account will be funded.

But that’s only if you don’t quit now.

The next few months are going to be tough. Lots of work, a few more mistakes, but you can get through this.

And when you do, you’re going to be so thrilled that you stuck with it.

I’ve seen your future. I AM your future. Please make the right choice. Turn off the television. Make a plan to build a simple sales funnel.

And then get busy.

Every failure is a step closer to what will work for you. Keep trying and keep focused.

You got this.

You. Got. This.

Now get to work. Your future – OUR future – depends on it.