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Businesses That Are Booming During Covid-19

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Here’s a list of businesses that are doing exceptionally well during this pandemic:

Nearly anything and everything healthcare related

Natural supplements

Nearly anything food related except some restaurants – grocers, farmers’ markets, produce stands, convenience stores

Restaurants that deliver or offer takeout

Food cultivation such as plants, seeds, farming

Organizations providing social services

Media of every type – newspapers, television, radio and internet

Hardware stores – people are fixing things at home and doing projects they’ve been putting off

Shipping and mailing services as well as delivery services

Distance learning – including and especially online courses of every type

Business that supply or support working from home (think Zoom)

Survivalist info, kits, food, tools, water filters, camping gear

Pandemic supplies – obvious items like masks and hand sanitizer are selling like crazy online

Toilet paper – both in stores and purchased online

First aid supplies

Gun supplies and security services – got to protect that TP, right?

Therapy and life coaching

Home activities for kids to keep their parents sane

Almost anything pet-related – pets still need food and care, plus people are spending more time with pets and are looking for toys, training, etc.

Stocks and currency trading – people need help making sense of what’s happening in the markets and what to do next

Marketing advice and help for struggling small businesses that are trying to survive

Online businesses, especially those that supply the physical products people want, and those that are teaching new skills like how to build an online income