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Dark and Dangerous Upselling

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If you’re in the right sort of niche – such as make money online, investing, selling and others – there is probably a lot of information you don’t actually share with your customers.

For example, let’s say you’re creating a product on how to create and market website plugins. It could be a book, video course or whatever.

You put in all the great info on how to come up with ideas, how to have the plugins created and how to sell them.

But along the way, you realize you also have a lot of info that you’re afraid to share… Like how you make more money if the plugin is essentially useless without the upsell. Or how you can easily rip off someone else’s plugin, make a few small changes, rebrand it and make a fortune.

These are things that are not lily-white hat. They’re not black hat, either, but fall somewhere in the grey range.

Should you include these things in your main product?


Instead, place them all in a separate product and offer it as an upsell. Have plenty of warnings on the upsell page that these are NOT white-hat, but not black-hat, either. Some people might object to these techniques, be offended and so forth.

“Buy it at your own risk, and don’t say we didn’t warn you.”

Skulls and crossbones might work nicely for this, along with the words “Top Secret” and so forth.

Charge perhaps half the price as you charged for your main product, and I’ll wager you sell the upsell to half of your main product customers.