Growing Your Business

4 Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires

The wealthiest people tend to focus more on earning than on investing.

While the wealthy certainly understand the importance of saving and investing, the bulk of their efforts is directed towards accumulating wealth through serving people and solving problems.

Grow Your Business

74 Year Old Film Covertly Teaches Secret to Selling

I was watching a 1945 black and white movie called “Her Favorite Patient,” starring Ruth Hussey.
Remember, 1945 was the last year of the second world war.
The movie begins with Ruth driving down a country road. She sees a Marine in full uniform hitchhiking and stops to pick him up.

Growing Your Business

The Secret to Long-Term 6 Figure Online Income

Offering you the secret to long-term serious income is a big promise, I know.
But here’s the thing: Almost anyone can be a flash-in-the-pan online and earn 6 figures in a year…
…before the business goes bust.

Growing Your Business

How to Increase Your Profits Right Now

Dan Kennedy tells the story of one of his clients who ran an introduction agency for divorced American men to meet foreign brides. (This was the pre-internet days.)
Dan persuaded his client to raise his price from $395 to $3,995. (Not a typo – he multiplied his price by 10.)