• How to Write Killer Bullets

    If you mastered only ONE element of a sales letter, and you used nothing but that one element to sell, you could still be super successful if that element happens to be bullets.

  • 15 Secrets of Persuasion to Help You Sell More Online

    Persuasion is convincing someone to do something. Great persuasion is convincing them it’s their idea to do it.
    The human brain can be influenced through its three systems of…primal (sex), emotions (empathy), rationalization (logic)

  • 3 Go-To’s When You Run Out of Email Ideas

    How many different ways can you write an email promoting your product? Or for that matter, promoting anything?
    After a while it may seem like your emails to your lists are all sounding the same, and that’s probably because they are.

  • How to Survive Your Fist Hashtag Hijacking

    During a presidential debate, the sitting U.S. President gave a shout out to a group called, “Proud Boys”.
    When I think of ‘proud boys’, I imagine two year old boys in diapers who just used the potty for the very first time.

  • Case Study: $20,000 Per Month with Simple Plumbing Sites

    Margaret Jane spent years doing SEO for high end clients and she was brilliant at her job.
    She worked hard to get her clients’ sites ranked high to generate increased income for them.

  • 17.5 Methods to Earn Real Money Online

    If you’ve been laid off from your regular job because of the pandemic or your regular business is slow right now, you might want to pick up some extra money using one of these methods.

  • 20 Persuasive Openers and Subject Lines

    I recently read an article on how to be more persuasive when speaking to someone in person, which got me thinking…

  • 7 Marketing Trends for 2021

    The new Global Marketing Trends 2021 report from Deloitte Insights provides us with clues for what is heading our way in marketing.

List Building

How to Get a 200% Increase in Opt-Ins

Here’s how a simple change to your opt-in page can give you a 200% increase in your conversions.
Or rather…
The BIG mistake you’re making right now that’s costing you a TON of opt-ins every single day.

List Building

Killer Copy for Your ‘Thank You for Subscribing’ Page

It’s hard to know sometimes just what you’re supposed to put on each page of your funnel, including your, ‘thank you for subscribing’ page.
You need to reassure new subscribers that they did the right thing. You’ve got to let them know how to get the lead magnet. And you want to convince them to click on that email and follow the instructions.

List Building

15 Ways to Give Away a Free Report to Increase Subscribers

You’ve created a dynamite report or lead magnet that is super helpful and meets your audience’s needs – Yah!!!
And you’ve even got a hot converting offer (or two) embedded inside the lead magnet so that you can start earning right away – Awesome!
Now all you need to do is get the lead magnet in front of people so you can build your list and start making sales.