• Can Stupid Jokes Make for Good Marketing Emails?

    I know firsthand how difficult it can be to continually come up with new topics for your emails.
    The first 20 are easy.
    The next 30 aren’t too difficult.

  • Do THIS to Reduce Refunds AND Increase Sales

    Most new marketers make the painful mistake of thinking the sale is done when the customer buys the product.
    That’s just the first sale.
    Wise marketers who want to stay in business and continue to profit know there are two more sales to be made.

  • 7 Ways to Make Money on Twitch

    There are streamers on Twitch earning six and seven figures a year. And while Twitch is the go-to platform for gamers, you don’t have to be a gamer to make money on this platform.

  • Case Study: The Ogilvy-Oyster Method of Sneaky Selling

    Here’s how a small shift in your content strategy can lead to big profits:
    “The Guide to Oysters” was the first ad advertising expert David Ogilvy wrote for own agency.

  • The Psychological Hack to Getting Sh** Done

    In the 70’s they did an experiment to see if the same college students who turned in their assignments on time also had clean socks. (No joke – they seriously did this.)
    The hypothesis was that people who got their schoolwork done would be the same people who got their personal chores done as well.

  • Weird Little Case Study Yields Possible 6 Figures

    When I first heard this one I dismissed it as something that couldn’t possibly make all that much money.
    I was wrong.
    Here’s what a friend of mine (we’ll call her Beth) is doing with Amazon to currently clear several hundred dollars a day and quite possibly reach the 6 figure mark this year.

  • This Netflix Trick has Viewers Binge Watching Your Recorded Webinars

    You send out an email to your list promoting your webinar replay. Of course, you might not call it a webinar replay because some people don’t want to sit through a recording that lasts for an hour or two.

  • How to Instantly Become 20% More Charismatic in Videos

    When teaching and selling via video, nearly all of us could do just a little bit better.
    We could be a little bit more interesting, a little bit more enthusiastic, a little bit more entertaining and a little bit more charismatic.

List Building

How to Get a 200% Increase in Opt-Ins

Here’s how a simple change to your opt-in page can give you a 200% increase in your conversions.
Or rather…
The BIG mistake you’re making right now that’s costing you a TON of opt-ins every single day.

List Building

Killer Copy for Your ‘Thank You for Subscribing’ Page

It’s hard to know sometimes just what you’re supposed to put on each page of your funnel, including your, ‘thank you for subscribing’ page.
You need to reassure new subscribers that they did the right thing. You’ve got to let them know how to get the lead magnet. And you want to convince them to click on that email and follow the instructions.

List Building

15 Ways to Give Away a Free Report to Increase Subscribers

You’ve created a dynamite report or lead magnet that is super helpful and meets your audience’s needs – Yah!!!
And you’ve even got a hot converting offer (or two) embedded inside the lead magnet so that you can start earning right away – Awesome!
Now all you need to do is get the lead magnet in front of people so you can build your list and start making sales.