• Growing your business

    $2,500 Profit a Month to Build Your Own Email List

    I’m not sure if I recommend this or not, but it is interesting and certainly something to consider.
    There’s a marketer who offers to build you an email list of 1,000 brand new subscribers for $1,000.

  • Internet Marketing

    A Big Money Maker You’re Completely Missing

    There’s a marketer I know who launches a new funnel with a new product every 3 months or so. He pays 100% commission on the front end as well as 100% commission on all of the upsells, too.

  • Internet Marketing

    People Aren’t Mountains

    There is a Scottish Gaelic proverb that reads, “Coinnichidh na daoine far nach coinnich na cnuic”, it translates as: The people meet each other but the hills do not.

  • Internet Marketing

    Show Me the Money

    Probably many of you have seen the 1996 movie Jerry Maguire, in which Tom Cruise plays the title character who is a sports agent. He is all about showing his clients the money, but ultimately has a change of heart and chooses quality clients and relationships rather than more and more money.

  • Internet Marketing

    Do you see what I see?

    A master was instructing his pupils and one day he said to them –
    “When you look at me what do see? When you look in a mirror what do you see?”
    The pupils were somewhat baffled by this cryptic statement, and after conferring amongst themselves one went to the master and asked – “Master, we don’t understand, what are you trying to teach us?”

  • Growing your business

    TikTok Marketing in a Nutshell

    TikTok is growing fast – it’s been downloaded 1.5 billion times and has 500 million active users who spend an average of 52 minutes per day on the platform. 90% of active users access TikTok at least once per day. Users are overwhelmingly young, with 66% of users under the age of 30.

  • Internet Marketing

    Stop Writing Blogposts and Articles – Do This Instead

    You’re going to think I’m splitting hairs on this one.
    And maybe I am.
    But if you’re tired of writing articles and blogposts, I’d like to propose a mind shift that’s helped me out immensely.
    Instead of writing articles, write a column.

  • Information Publishing

    Shocking Statistics, Idea Sex and Lucrative Questions

    Fortunes are made when people think out of the box and ask questions no one else is asking. What happens when you pair X with Y to make Z? Sometimes nothing happens and other times fortunes are made. Pairing two ideas together to make a third is ‘idea sex.’ I don’t know who coined the term, but I’ve heard James Altucher use it often.

List Building

How to Get a 200% Increase in Opt-Ins

Here’s how a simple change to your opt-in page can give you a 200% increase in your conversions.
Or rather…
The BIG mistake you’re making right now that’s costing you a TON of opt-ins every single day.

List Building

Killer Copy for Your ‘Thank You for Subscribing’ Page

It’s hard to know sometimes just what you’re supposed to put on each page of your funnel, including your, ‘thank you for subscribing’ page.
You need to reassure new subscribers that they did the right thing. You’ve got to let them know how to get the lead magnet. And you want to convince them to click on that email and follow the instructions.

List Building

15 Ways to Give Away a Free Report to Increase Subscribers

You’ve created a dynamite report or lead magnet that is super helpful and meets your audience’s needs – Yah!!!
And you’ve even got a hot converting offer (or two) embedded inside the lead magnet so that you can start earning right away – Awesome!
Now all you need to do is get the lead magnet in front of people so you can build your list and start making sales.